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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1940s Aerial Photos of Toronto

The former Jeddo, Ohio and Follansbee Steel.  Note the village of Jeddo across from the north of the mill and the farmland before the construction of S. C. Dennis School.  At the lower left of photo are remnants of the dam once as the Dike.  It ran diagonally from the tip of Brown's Island to just downstream from the mouth of Jeddo Run.
South end view of Toronto Power Plant where a town once named Calumet sat.  At top of picture, barely discernible is Dam Number 9.
The former Stratton Clay works sat where the present day Lime operations of the W.H. Sammis Plant are.  Just left of center is Stratton Heights, minus the park.
Overhead few from north of old Toronto Power Plant and old Route Seven.
At lower left just showing is old St. Francis Convent across from new convent built around 1960.  Also, below old overhead bridge are houses standing along Railroad Street and a chemical plant on lot where present fire hall stands.  Prominent along lower Jefferson Street are vacant lots.  Note across the river is East Toronto, still with residencies.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Farewell to old Clarke Hinkle Field

Clarke Hinkle

Members of 1970 team, left to right: Joe Chadwick, Bob Petras, Dan Baker, Larry Hughes.

Pre-game gathering

Red Knights Forever

View From South End 

Ron Paris Jr., Ron Paris Sr., Head Coach Ralph Anastasio

Bob Chadwick, THS Class of 1974 and West Point graduate.

Chuck Walker, late 60s guard and linebacker.

Brian Zorbini, running back, early 90s.

Red Knight mascot leading the final charge.